Introducing David Disick

Resort Real Estate Consultant without Equal

Hello Mr. or Ms. Resort Real Estate Developer,

Is this your first resort development?  Or, is this your first development to include fractional ownership of leisure homes?

Let’s say you have your land, your plans and your permits.   You’ve retained an experienced professional team—land planners, architects, engineers and so on.  What are your next steps?

Will you risk moving ahead with your development on your own?

Do you want to re-invent the wheel?  Do you have the time, the patience and the resources to go through a long learning curve?  Are you ready to pay a high tuition to the “School of Hard Knocks”?

Are you wrestling with questions such as these?

  • Where can we find developer and consumer financing? What terms can we negotiate?
  • How do we write a business financing plan?  How can we write one that persuades bankers to fund us?
  • Who are our best prospective buyers?  How do we find them? What is our message to them?
  • What tactics will we use to sell rapidly and profitably?  Will our plans work?
  • Do we need a branded hotel or spa affiliation?  If so, how can we find one? How should we negotiate with them?

Or, perhaps you find yourself wondering:

  • “Have we covered all our bases?”
  • “Have we missed anything?”  
  • “Is there a better way for us to move forward?”

Above all, do you want to avoid “beginners’ mistakes” that are time-consuming and costly?  Why be a do-it-yourselfer when tried-and-true information is available?.

Imagine an alternative to your legitimate doubts and fears of flying solo?

Imagine a consultant without equal.  He is skilled both in real estate development and in law.  He is an internationally recognized pioneer in the fractional real estate ownership industry and is a highly respected thought leader.

He can provide practical answers to your questions and set your mind at ease.  You’ll sleep well at night secure in knowing that you have a trusted colleague by your side who can offer you the information you need to make the best decisions for yourself.

Imagine no longer. You’ve found the right person to assist you in your endeavor.  He is David M. Disick, Esq.

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