David Disick’s Professional Activities


David Disick’s book, Fractional Vacation Homes:  Marketing and Sales in Challenging Times,  was widely praised.  It sold out and is no longer in print.


Disick has written countless articles that have been published in Fractional Trade, Fractional Report and RCI Ventures. Currently, OPP Magazine publishes his articles


Disick has spoken and chaired panels at:

  • The Fractional Summit conferences in the US and UK;
  • At OPP conferences in the UK; and to
  • Members of real estate and investment forums in Russia.



The Fractional Consultant – David Disick won Fractional Life’s 2013 Award for Services to the Industry.  The citation reads:  

”David Disick was there right at the start of the fractional sector with the Franz Klammer Lodge and is currently the most visible and vocal advocate of the model in difficult times.”

“Opening up the Russian market and investigating new funding avenues are two of his current projects.” 

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