How to secure financing for your resort real estate development

You’ve spent months—and even years—making your fractional real estate development a reality.   You have invested valuable time and resources to find your land, secure your permits and put together your team.

Only one major item still needs to be checked off your list:  FINANCING.

What types of financing do you need?


Yes, over the past several years, in many places in the world, credit has become almost as rare as hen’s teeth.

But, this need not necessarily put an end to your plans.

While many developers have griped and groaned about tight credit—and sometimes have even given up, David, a creative and impatient fellow, chose a different approach.

No financing? Sez who?

Follow the money.

Where most saw only insurmountable barriers, David envisioned a way to overcome obstacles and create attractive win-win opportunities for bankers and fractional real estate developers alike.

Leafing through his “golden Rolodex,” David got back in touch with investment bankers and financing sources from his decades as a Wall Street attorney and resort real estate developer.

He described to his banking contacts the extraordinary profit potential in fractional and mixed-use resort home development.  As it turned out, most of his Wall Street contacts were not yet familiar with fractional ownership and the leisure home industry. So, he shared with them some of the important information to consider. 

David now has a number of funding sources who have expressed serious interest in reviewing the business plans of well-conceived fractional and mixed-use resort developments in coveted destinations worldwide.

David spent considerable time, in particular, working with his New York contact at UBS, a 150-year-old multi-national financing institution.  As a result, he formed a strategic alliance with an advisory group within UBS.  Its purpose is to generate funding proposals from well-conceived real estate developments in destination resorts and cities world-wide.

How David helps real estate developers secure financing

As a result of  David’s years of Wall Street legal and financial experience, David is quite familiar with the information funding sources require. He knows the financial and operational data they want to see. He knows what items their check lists contain. He knows how to answer bankers’ due diligence questions even before they ask them.

David knows how important it is to present a well-conceived business plan with an itemized operating budget, sound economic projections and an experienced team capable of executing the plan. This is what bankers must evaluate in order to have the confidence they need to finance a fractional real estate development.

Some of the financial institutions with which David has closed resort real estate transactions

Following is a partial list of financial institutions from which David has successfully raised equity, debt and consumer financing on behalf of his own projects and as a consultant to his developer clients.

  • The Royal Bank of Canada
  • The Royal Bank and Trust Company
  • Textron Financial Corporation
  • Silver Portal Capital
  • Lehman Brothers
  • The Rutland Savings Bank
  • Independent Bank of Michigan 
  • McDonald and Company (subsequently acquired by Key Bank)
  • Zion’s Bank
  • John Muir & Company

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