Russia Encourages Foreign Investment in Resorts and Leisure

russian-flagRussia, one of the world’s four “emerging” (i.e. fast-growing) “BRIC” countries, is experiencing a very rapid growth rate. It has one of Europe’s strongest economies.

Partners David Disick and Arkadiy Amelin are involved with real estate development opportunities in Russia and keep in touch often with several government officials. 

The Federation of Russia is fully committed to modernizing its infrastructure.  The government is placing particular emphasis on improving its recreation facilities and encouraging construction of luxury leisure homes. This will stimulate domestic and foreign tourism and will create needed jobs.

At present, consumer demand for upscale resorts with modern leisure homes significantly exceeds the very limited supply.

Russia’s ongoing improvements offer banks, investors and developers an attractive and profitable resort real estate investment opportunity.  Investors can profit from:

  • Russia’s continuing rapid growth;
  • Its increasingly large and newly rich middle class; and
  • Significant financial incentives from the government to construct new mixed-use resorts—including, now, fractionally owned vacation homes.

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