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Six Proven Ways to Make Your Next Fractional Marketing Campaign Go Viral

Quick! What’s the most effective way to market your fractional real estate property? If you answered “advertising,” that would be correct—for the twentieth century. Even the answer, “create a website,” falls short. What use is a website if it lacks enough visitors who spread your message to their friends and contacts? Read more »

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What’s Ahead in 2013 for Fractional Real Estate? Predictions from the Pro’s

Wouldn’t it be nice to know now what you’ll know a year from now? Well, that’s not possible, but how about this?: The best guesses of practicing fractional professionals—a whopping 80+% of them developers, owners or CEOs. To see if you agree with them on how the 2013 fractional real estate market will perform, click here. »

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After Talks on Debt and Taxes, Will Fractional Ownership Still Be a Winner?

Congress is now debating how to balance the federal budget. Some want to cut taxes; others prefer to cut spending. No matter what the solution, there will be consequences for fractional and whole ownership vacation properties. Which will fare better after potential tax law changes? Read here to find out. »

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Marketing and Selling Your Fractional Real Estate: High Tech or No Tech?

Disick outlines a highly effective marketing and sales strategy that the Obama campaign used with great success on Facebook. He asks whether a modification of this program could work for fractional real estate. Is the wisest strategy the most-up-to-date or is it better to stick with the “tried and true?” What is your opinion? »

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What Fractional Real Estate Developers
Can Learn About Marketing and Sales
From the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election

Whether your campaign is for candidates or for cottages, some marketing and sales strategies can be similar. 2012’s U.S. presidential election offers fractional property developers valuable insights into which techniques work. Find out what they are. »

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Fractional Real Estate Financing:
Seven Do’s And Don’ts To Boost Your Chances
Of Getting The Money You Want

Financing is pretty hard to find these days, but there are some ways to improve your chances. No matter who your sources are, they each require one essential document—your financial plan. When skillfully prepared, your plan can make the difference in securing an approval. Read how to do this »

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A Dynamite Marketing and Sales Program to Beef up Your Bottom Line

“A Recession? What recession?” exclaimed Leslie McCann, New Business Development Director of Club La Costa World Resorts & Hotels. “This past year has been our best ever! We’ve been making more than $1.5 million of fractional sales each week and a freehold vacation home sold each day.” Read how they did it »

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Fractional Real Estate: Is the Dream Still Alive?

In a mood contrasting sharply with the giddy optimism of just a few years ago, a panel of fractional practitioners at OPP Live in London evaluates what has proved to be the case in Europe regarding the original promise of fractional ownership. How do your views compare with those of the panelists? »

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Does your fractional website need a make-over?

Has your website remained unchanged for a year or two or more? Have you been meaning to update your site, but are so busy, you haven’t gotten around to discussing it with your designer? Seem familiar? Then consider this: You may be offering your competitors a chance to get ahead and dominate your market. Discover what to do »

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Business Challenge of the Week:
Hot Marketing Tips to Warm Up “Cool” Fractional Prospects

A developer in Europe describes a daunting and frustrating business challenge that many fractional developers currently face. David expresses his view on how to handle the challenge. Would you like to offer a second opinion? Click here to see what David suggests »

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