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Gregory J. Furman, Host of “Conversations with Leaders in Luxury”, and Founder and Chairman of The Luxury Marketing Council chats with Special Guest David Disick, Founding Partner of the Fractional Consultant. Keep reading »

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Quick! What’s the most effective way to market your fractional real estate property? If you answered “advertising,” that would be correct—for the twentieth century. Even the answer, “create a website,” falls short. What use is a website if it lacks enough visitors who spread your message to their friends and contacts? Read more »


Wouldn’t it be nice to know now what you’ll know a year from now? Well, that’s not possible, but how about this?: The best guesses of practicing fractional professionals—a whopping 80+% of them developers, owners or CEOs. To see if you agree with them on how the 2013 fractional real estate market will perform, click here. »


Brad Lincoln, CEO of Best International, gets inside the head of today’s wary fractional second home buyers. He provides valuable insights into their thinking and shares proven deal-making solutions that will work just about anywhere. Find out more. »


Congress is now debating how to balance the federal budget. Some want to cut taxes; others prefer to cut spending. No matter what the solution, there will be consequences for fractional and whole ownership vacation properties. Which will fare better after potential tax law changes? Read here to find out. »

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