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Financing is pretty hard to find these days, but there are some ways to improve your chances. No matter who your sources are, they each require one essential document—your financial plan. When skillfully prepared, your plan can make the difference in securing an approval. Read how to do this »


Despite the growing world-wide acceptance and popularity of fractional vacation home ownership, many members of the public still confuse it with timeshare.  This is especially disappointing when a fractional developer presents a financing proposal to a banker, only to be informed that the institution does not lend to “timeshare.” The chart below attempts to make clear some significant differences between … Keep reading »


So far, your financing discussions have been proceeding well, and one or more bankers is showing interest in your business plan.  You feel ready to plant your shovel in the ground.  But the banker’s vault is not yet open.  Wrapping up financing can be challenging, if you don’t know what deal terms banks usually expect and which items may be … Keep reading »


By now, you have succeeded in attracting the interest of some bankers by pointing out the profit potential in the fractional vacation home ownership industry and in your proposed development.  Good job!  Now, it’s time to get to the negotiating table—that is, to present your business plan to your financing sources. II. Getting to the Negotiating Table—Presenting Your Business Plan … Keep reading »


Let’s say you’re a fractional real estate developer.   You have investors supplying seed capital.  You’ve tied up the property you want to develop.  You have your permits and architect’s plans.  Your development team is assembled and raring to go. Only one more vital piece of the puzzle still needs to fall into place:  You need to find equity and debt … Keep reading »