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Quick! What’s the most effective way to market your fractional real estate property? If you answered “advertising,” that would be correct—for the twentieth century. Even the answer, “create a website,” falls short. What use is a website if it lacks enough visitors who spread your message to their friends and contacts? Read more »


Disick outlines a highly effective marketing and sales strategy that the Obama campaign used with great success on Facebook. He asks whether a modification of this program could work for fractional real estate. Is the wisest strategy the most-up-to-date or is it better to stick with the “tried and true?” What is your opinion? »


Whether your campaign is for candidates or for cottages, some marketing and sales strategies can be similar. 2012’s U.S. presidential election offers fractional property developers valuable insights into which techniques work. Find out what they are. »


“A Recession? What recession?” exclaimed Leslie McCann, New Business Development Director of Club La Costa World Resorts & Hotels. “This past year has been our best ever! We’ve been making more than $1.5 million of fractional sales each week and a freehold vacation home sold each day.” Read how they did it »


Has your website remained unchanged for a year or two or more? Have you been meaning to update your site, but are so busy, you haven’t gotten around to discussing it with your designer? Seem familiar? Then consider this: You may be offering your competitors a chance to get ahead and dominate your market. Discover what to do »


A developer in Europe describes a daunting and frustrating business challenge that many fractional developers currently face. David expresses his view on how to handle the challenge. Would you like to offer a second opinion? Click here to see what David suggests »


Leading fractional practitioners present interesting and different insights into this intriguing question. See if you agree or disagree with them.
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Ever feel your digital marketing funds got lost in the “Cloud” and are not producing enough leads, appointments and sales? What if an expert graded your program, then suggested specific actions to improve your results.?. What if the expert cost you nothing—no strings attached.?. Find out more »


Forget what you may have heard.  Good, old-fashioned email can still be your most cost-effective online marketing and sales initiative for your fractional property.  A well-organized, well-executed email program is a powerful tool for generating leads, prospects and ultimately fractional sales. Here are some top tips and tricks to maximize the effectiveness—and return on investment—of your email marketing program. 1. … Read more tips and tricks for email success »


Part One of this series described the components of an effective fractional owner referral program.  This marketing and sales program encourages satisfied current owners to refer their family, friends and associates as prospective buyers of the fractional property.  Fractional real estate developers find that this program consistently delivers the highest return on their investment of time, energy and resources. This … For more valuable fractional marketing and sales tips, follow this link. »