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“A Recession? What recession?” exclaimed Leslie McCann, New Business Development Director of Club La Costa World Resorts & Hotels. “This past year has been our best ever! We’ve been making more than $1.5 million of fractional sales each week and a freehold vacation home sold each day.” Read how they did it »


Part One of this series examined in detail two vastly different fractional properties that, nevertheless, share at least one trait in common:  They have each defied the odds by making huge numbers of sales, in challenging economic times.  The properties described are Freedom Bay, St. Lucia and The Hideaways Club. This concluding post distills some of the ideas these industry-acclaimed … Keep Reading »


Part One of this series described the components of an effective fractional owner referral program.  This marketing and sales program encourages satisfied current owners to refer their family, friends and associates as prospective buyers of the fractional property.  Fractional real estate developers find that this program consistently delivers the highest return on their investment of time, energy and resources. This … For more valuable fractional marketing and sales tips, follow this link. »


“A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.” ~ Gertrude Stein, 1874-1946 Has this happened in your fractional ownership real estate sales office?  Some prospects drop in, look around suspiciously and ask your sales agent, “Is this a timeshare?”   Or, your agent starts explaining what is offered, and the prospect interrupts impatiently, “It’s a timeshare.” What … Keep reading »


“De gustibus non est disputandem“ – Latin maxim In Part 1 of this post, we set forth eight objective differences between fractional real estate ownership and timeshare.  They were in the following areas:  Unique Selling Proposition Number of owners per home Offering prices Household income of owners Number of individual residences Spaciousness of residences Amount of wear and tear “Clubby” … Keep reading »


“De gustibus non est disputandem“ – Latin maxim As we know, laws in most countries define both fractional real estate ownership and timeshare as “shared ownership.”   So, these different property types are treated legally as the same. From the point of view of fractional owners, however, what they own is not the same as timeshare.  They believe their fractional real … Keep reading »


This excellent question comes from Europe:   “We have a large property for sale in [country]. Can you let us know if fractional ownership will offer any possibilities as an alternative to selling to one buyer?” Response: By “possibilities,” I assume you are asking if a fractional offering would be quicker and/or more profitable than a whole ownership sale. I … Keep reading »


Recently, this interesting message arrived in my Inbox.  “We have many resorts in [name of country] and have just launched our first fractional venture, a beautiful project in a scenic area.  However, we have not as yet managed to find a dedicated sales force to market it.  Any ideas you may put forward will be much appreciated.” Here’s my response: … Keep reading »


In the so-called “Golden Age” of fractional ownership, in the mid-2000’s, fractional industry experience showed that a whole ownership property offered for sale as fractional interests could generate significantly greater gross revenue than that same property sold to a single buyer.  This additional revenue—once as much as 1.5 to 2 times gross whole ownership revenue—has become known as the “Fractional … Keep reading »


Quick! Mr. or Ms. fractional developer, without over-thinking your answer, how would you respond to the following question: What are you selling? Is it a condo next to the ski trails? A beach house by the ocean? A villa on the golf course? Is it a full-service resort hotel? An apartment in the heart of downtown? A cabin in the … Keep reading »