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Disick outlines a highly effective marketing and sales strategy that the Obama campaign used with great success on Facebook. He asks whether a modification of this program could work for fractional real estate. Is the wisest strategy the most-up-to-date or is it better to stick with the “tried and true?” What is your opinion? »


Whether your campaign is for candidates or for cottages, some marketing and sales strategies can be similar. 2012’s U.S. presidential election offers fractional property developers valuable insights into which techniques work. Find out what they are. »


Leading fractional practitioners present interesting and different insights into this intriguing question. See if you agree or disagree with them.
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Despite continued stormy weather in many fractional real estate markets, occasional rays of sunshine peek through on gloomy days.  These comforting beacons of light and hope are properties that manage to sell—and even expand—under the same economic circumstances that challenge and even defeat their competitors. This article reveals what two forward-thinking developers are doing to achieve success in today’s market. … Keep Reading »


After the difficult market of the past several years, it is understandable if fractional real estate developers, like many other business people, become so accustomed to the status quo that they accept tough times as a “new normal.” So, amid a constant flow of negative news, it’s a good idea to step back occasionally from the day-to-day and re-examine what’s … Keep reading »


Spring is sprung. Like clockwork, it brings with it hope; cherry blossoms; bunny rabbits; and the Ragatz Report on The State of the Fractional Industry in North America 2011. A Ragatz survey of prospective fractional buyers offers data of interest to fractional real estate developers.  Results showed:  


Of all the numerous ways to market and sell fractional property, developers pretty much agree that one program consistently outperforms all the rest. It is, of course, the owner referral program:  Satisfied owners recommend the property to their family, friends and business associates.  Referral business seems so obvious that some developers may perhaps expect referrals to rain down upon them … Keep reading to learn how to attract fractional real estate buyers »


“East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.”The Ballad of East and West, Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) In vacation home real estate markets, even though whole ownership and fractional agents hold the same basic license, each professional specialty seems to inhabit its own separate world, and the two worlds seem rarely to meet. How, then, can … Find out what a fractional vacation home developer can do to attract real estate agents – Keep Reading »


If you wanted to hire a top-producing fractional salesperson, which one of the following qualities would you judge to be most important?  Product knowledge Communication skills Enthusiasm for fractional real estate Knowing how and when to close Ability to listen Of course, all the above items are essential.  But what I have in mind is something different, deeper and more … To find out the secret talent of top-producing fractional real estate agents, use this link »


Even in times of economic uncertainty and tight credit, affluent prospects are still able to make ultra-luxury purchases, such as fractional vacation homes.  Obviously, competition is stiff for these financially qualified prospective owners, who are relatively few and far between.  Fractional agents who train specifically in serving this highly demanding clientele will enjoy greater sales success, if they follow these … Keep reading »