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Part One of this series examined in detail two vastly different fractional properties that, nevertheless, share at least one trait in common:  They have each defied the odds by making huge numbers of sales, in challenging economic times.  The properties described are Freedom Bay, St. Lucia and The Hideaways Club. This concluding post distills some of the ideas these industry-acclaimed … Keep Reading »


Dear Reader, Dave Thackeray and I first met when he interviewed me in September 2010 by phone for a podcast he was creating for RCIVentures, the website RCI maintains for timeshare and fractional real estate developers. Since then, we have exchanged occasional emails.  Over time, I became a follower and fan of Dave on the internet where he commands international … Read David's review of Dave's newly published book. »


After the difficult market of the past several years, it is understandable if fractional real estate developers, like many other business people, become so accustomed to the status quo that they accept tough times as a “new normal.” So, amid a constant flow of negative news, it’s a good idea to step back occasionally from the day-to-day and re-examine what’s … Keep reading »


For many of us, 2011 was a year best relegated to the history books. Tight credit, uncertain economic times, wars and political unrest have created an environment far from ideal for the sale of fractional ownership of vacation homes. Yet, based on some recent events in my business life, I feel there is reason to be optimistic about the long-term … Keep reading »