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We are delighted to present our first Guest Blogger. She is Tanya Beaudoin an expert website designer who offers the perspective of a professional. In this article, Tanya Beaudoin offers advice on how to recognize when it is time to make changes to your website. Keep reading »


Has your website remained unchanged for a year or two or more? Have you been meaning to update your site, but are so busy, you haven’t gotten around to discussing it with your designer? Seem familiar? Then consider this: You may be offering your competitors a chance to get ahead and dominate your market. Discover what to do »


Dear readers, In last week’s post, I reviewed one of Dave Thackeray two new and important books on digital marketing.   This week, I review the second. But before beginning, I need to make a confession.  (No, it’s not what you think…I really did read each book.) It’s this:  Around mid-June, Dave Thackeray launched his new website.  I didn’t visit it … Keep Reading »


Dear Reader, Dave Thackeray and I first met when he interviewed me in September 2010 by phone for a podcast he was creating for RCIVentures, the website RCI maintains for timeshare and fractional real estate developers. Since then, we have exchanged occasional emails.  Over time, I became a follower and fan of Dave on the internet where he commands international … Read David's review of Dave's newly published book. »


Forget what you may have heard.  Good, old-fashioned email can still be your most cost-effective online marketing and sales initiative for your fractional property.  A well-organized, well-executed email program is a powerful tool for generating leads, prospects and ultimately fractional sales. Here are some top tips and tricks to maximize the effectiveness—and return on investment—of your email marketing program. 1. … Read more tips and tricks for email success »


Has this ever happened to you?  You’re at a cocktail party and have met someone you’d like to become acquainted with.    Unfortunately, the person chews your ear off by talking non-stop about him/herself.      You struggle to get a word in edgewise.  You seek to establish some common ground—people you both know, places you both have visited, sports you both … Read 8 powerful marketing tips for fractional real estate websites »


Does your fractional website offer a compelling marketing statement?  Does it capture visitors’ attention and entice them to remain longer than a few seconds on your site?  Is the message you have now as enticing as that of your competitors? Part 1 of this post stated that the vast majority of fractional websites either lack a market positioning statement or … Keep reading »


If you visit most fractional vacation home websites, chances are you’ll find that—no matter how pretty the images—the vast majority make one potentially costly error: They don’t have a market positioning statement, or the statement they do have isn’t compelling or memorable.   Today’s global competitive race belongs to the swift and to the smart.  You need every edge you … Keep reading »


Part 3 of this series in how to transform your website into a profit-making dynamo suggested establishing a relationship with site visitors and offering them valuable free information before attempting to sell them anything.  It also discussed the importance of participating in the social media networks where your audience is likely to be active. This post presents the final two … Keep reading »


In Parts 1 and 2 of this post, we presented these six ways to improve the cost- effectiveness of your fractional real estate website. 1. Set performance goals and then measure and test your website results. 2. Use Google Analytics to generate actionable ideas to improve your results. 3. Use the words your audience uses to search for what you … Keep reading »