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Quick! What’s the most effective way to market your fractional real estate property? If you answered “advertising,” that would be correct—for the twentieth century. Even the answer, “create a website,” falls short. What use is a website if it lacks enough visitors who spread your message to their friends and contacts? Read more »


Disick outlines a highly effective marketing and sales strategy that the Obama campaign used with great success on Facebook. He asks whether a modification of this program could work for fractional real estate. Is the wisest strategy the most-up-to-date or is it better to stick with the “tried and true?” What is your opinion? »


For many of us, 2011 was a year best relegated to the history books. Tight credit, uncertain economic times, wars and political unrest have created an environment far from ideal for the sale of fractional ownership of vacation homes. Yet, based on some recent events in my business life, I feel there is reason to be optimistic about the long-term … Keep reading »