Discover how David can help your fractional real estate development.

TFC-David-M-DisickDavid is an experienced, hands-on real estate developer. He knows how it feels to walk in your shoes—or, perhaps, in your muddy or snowy boots.  

He understands how hard it is to beat the bushes for seed capital. He knows how tough it is to do business when bank credit is tight. 

David has weathered snail-like permit processes. He has dealt with pie-in-the-sky-architects and over-budget contractors. He has managed diverse team members so they work in harmony as one finely tuned orchestra.

He has stayed on course amid economic downturns, marketing and sales turbulence and stormy homeowners meetings. He has led developments in both fair weather and foul.

He has shepherded projects from a mere “gleam in the eye” to the glowing praises of happy homeowners and satisfied investors.

“Leading-edge business thinking”

“I have known David since he entered the fractional real estate industry with the launch of Franz Klammer Lodge in Telluride, Colorado. David presents a profile unique in the industry—his legal and financial Wall Street background plus the practical knowledge and marketing and sales savvy of someone who has been in the trenches. The result is David’s leading-edge business thinking.”

Edwin H. McMullen, Sr. Senior Partner,
McMullen Development

Got problems?  Get solutions! 

Here are some ways David can help you:

David possesses an unusual combination of skills.

He has practical real estate know-how gained over more than three decades of hands-on development experience. His years as a law partner on Wall Street have taught him the in’s and out of financing. He has learned the art of making successful funding presentations and negotiating transactions where each party wins what they want..

David uses his skills to serve you, as his client, to help you achieve your development goals.  Specifically, these are some of the services he provides to you:

  • He offers his opinion on whether your development would benefit from a hotel or spa brand.  If so, he recommends companies, if desired; arranges introductions; and negotiates terms on your behalf.
  • He provides guidance on the sequencing of the elements in your mixed-use development.
  • If you wish, he can serve as your spokesperson in consumer and trade media; or he can negotiate an agreement on your behalf with a suitable Olympic athlete to endorse your development, represent it and promote it.
  • He identifies sources of developer and consumer financing for your project and, calling on his training as a Wall Street attorney, negotiates the best possible terms for you.
  • He helps you devise an offering plan and owner-friendly reservation system tailored to the use patterns in your resort.
  • He advises, if needed, on the selection of key professionals, such as marketing and sales directors.
  • He guides you in crafting your business plan so institutional lending sources will want to bankroll your project.
  • He makes recommendations for accountability and financial controls in all areas of the company—marketing, sales, management and so on.
  • He advises on creating door-buster marketing and sales programs that don’t bust your budget.
  • He works with you on developing a pricing strategy to sell as rapidly and profitably as possible.
  • He offers information about and introductions to vacation exchange networks so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.
  • He provides input on creating a home owners’ association, its documentation and budget.
  • He reviews generally the legal documents generated for your development.
  • And more, upon request

“Invaluable Expertise!”

David, I wanted to express to you my deep appreciation and respect for the great work that you have done for Lifestyle Asset Group since December of 2010. Your expertise has been invaluable to us in just about every aspect of our business. We believe that you have become more than a consultant, but also a team member and a friend. We look forward to much more work with you ahead.

Richard Keith,
CEO Lifestyle Asset Group,
LLC Fort Collins, CO

David pledges to stand squarely by your side as your trusted comrade-in-arms.

As a resort real estate developer; Wall-Street-trained attorney; and fellow entrepreneur, David possesses knowledge, skill and expertise in every major aspect of the development process. 

He vows to place his skills at your disposal, as his client, to help you create the profitable real estate development of your dreams.

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