Fractional Consultant David Disick Wins a Fractional Life 2013 Award; The Company Takes Top Honors for Services to the Industry

David Disick, founder of The Fractional Consultant, a resort real estate advisory firm, wins Fractional Life’s prestigious 2013 Award for Services to the Industry. Judges cite Disick for his pioneering development, Franz Klammer Lodge; advocating fractional ownership of resort real estate; opening the Russian market to fractional ownership of resort vacation homes; and seeking additional sources of bank financing for the industry – Disick predicts newly rich Russians will consider fractional ownership the smart new way to own a leisure home used only part-time.

Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) May 11, 2013

The-Fractional-Consultant-accepts-award-from-Fractional-LifeThe Fractional Consultant, a resort real estate advisory firm, is pleased to announce that the company and its founder David Disick have been named winner of the Fractional Life 2013 Award for Services to the Industry. Fractional Life founder Piers Brown presented the award to Disick in London on April 24, 2013.

Disick accepted the prestigious international award at a ceremony and networking party at the Rubens at The Palace Hotel. The event attracted resort owners, resort real estate developers, service providers and press from all across Europe, Asia and the United States.

The award judges commented on selecting The Fractional Consultant – David Disick, “He was there right at the start of the fractional ownership sector with Franz Klammer Lodge and is currently the most visible and vocal advocate of the model. Opening the Russian market and investigating new funding avenues are two of his current projects.”

“It’s a great honor to receive this award,” Disick remarked. “I thank Fractional Life and the judges. My business partner Arkadiy Amelin and our clients and friends in Russia will also be pleased to learn the good news.”

Award judges included John Howell, editorial director of; Sarah Lee, editor of; and George Sell, editor of

“Fractional ownership is poised for rapid growth in Russia,” Disick predicted. “Newly rich Russians often seek a ‘western lifestyle,’ including vacation home ownership. For many, fractional ownership will be a smart new way to own a second home.”

Fractional Life editor George Sell observed, “It’s always good for the industry to get together and celebrate the best in the business, and those who were honored have one thing in common – despite difficult economic circumstances they have achieved success through innovation and determination.”

To celebrate his award, Disick offers, for a limited time, a free copy of his how-to guide for resort real estate developers seeking bank financing. To get “Seven Crucial Ingredients for a Winning Financial Presentation,” click on the “Claim yours now!” button on the right side of this page.

About The Fractional Consultant

The Fractional Consultant helps resort real estate developers secure financing.

Clients benefit from David Disick’s guidance in preparing a financing presentation that helps persuade bankers to say, “Yes.” They also benefit from Disick’s legal and financial expertise fine-tuned on Wall Street. Lastly, they benefit from his decades of in-the-trenches experience as a hands-on resort real estate developer.

David M. Disick, Esq. is founding partner of The Fractional Consultant. He is renowned world-wide as a fractional industry expert and a respected thought leader.

He publishes cutting-edge ideas on professional websites and on his own site, The Fractional Consultant, which features more than sixty articles on industry-related topics. He speaks often at professional conferences.

Disick is based in Orlando, Florida and consults internationally.

Arkadiy Amelin is a partner in The Fractional Consultant. He plays an essential role in working with the company’s resort real estate developer clients, the Russian real estate community and government officials.

Amelin is founder of Fractional Russia, the first Russian website dedicated exclusively to fractional ownership of resort real estate properties.

A recognized expert in the Russian real estate industry, Amelin has nearly two decades of experience in many market segments, including luxury real estate sales. He is based in Moscow, Russia.

For more information, contact:

David M. Disick, Esq., Founding Partner
The Fractional Consultant

O: +1-386-668-5877
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E: David.Disick(at)TheFractionalConsultant(dot)com

Arkadiy Amelin, Partner
The Fractional Consultant

W: Fractional Russia
O: +7-499-61-454-16
M: +7-910-43-169-78
E: arkamelin(at)FractionalRussia(dot)com

About Fractional Life

Fractional Life is the lifestyle brand dedicated to growing the fractional ownership marketplace. Based in the United Kingdom, the company has three divisions: interactive; fractional consumer exhibitions and trade conferences; and publishing. is the world’s leading web portal based on the fractional ownership and asset-sharing concept.

Piers Brown is founder of Fractional Life. George Sell is editor.

Fractional Life won an Overseas Property Professional 2011 Silver Award for Best Fractional Service. The company won an Overseas Property Professional 2010 Gold Award for Best Media Brand.

For more information, contact:

Piers Brown, Founder
Fractional Life

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O: +44 208 340 7989
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E: piers(at)fractionallife(dot)com

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