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A Dynamite Marketing and Sales Program to Beef up Your Bottom Line

An Interview with Leslie McCann Led and Posted by David Disick

“A Recession?  What recession?” exclaimed Leslie McCann, New Business Development Director of Club La Costa World Resorts & Hotels.  “This past year has been our best ever!  We’ve been making more than $1.5 million of fractional sales each week and a freehold vacation home sold each day.”

“How did you do that?” I asked in amazement.  I had just taken part in an OPP Live panel, entitled, “Making Fractional Work: What Happened to the Dream?”  The mood there at times had been somber. Mr. McCann kindly agreed to sit down with me then and there at OPP Live and share a few tricks and tools of the trade.

Leslie McCann’s Presentation

“The best way to sell a leisure property is to have prospective owners come vacation there themselves.  We don’t spend a whole lot of money on brochures, advertising and commissions to outside brokers,” he explained.   “We’d rather have our future owners as the people who benefit financially from the marketing funds that we spend.”

“During our company’s twenty-six years in the business of shared and freehold vacation ownership, we have cultivated relationships with numerous corporations.  From among these contacts, we find a suitable company willing to be our marketing partner in a vacation promotion,” McCann continued.

“Our marketing partner writes to selected customers thanking them for their business. To reward them, our partner invites these customers to enjoy a free, seven-night stay at a Club La Costa World resort.  People wishing to take advantage of the offer contact us directly to schedule their holiday.”

In concluding, McCann added, “Our on-site sales team is highly trained and monitored.  Each agent is responsible for accomplishing an agenda of specific items during each part of the property tour. The sales presentation is digitally tracked for compliance and training purposes.”

David Disick’s comments:

What I especially like is that the vacation lasts seven days.  This seems like a more reasonable amount of time to allow prospects to begin to feel “at home” at the resort and have all their necessary questions answered. 

After a longer stay, guests feel more relaxed and less resistant to owning.  Too much pressure to buy exerted too soon can result in prospects offering the classic stall, “We’ll think it over.” Then, they return home—never to be seen or heard from again.  What a shame!

It is worth noting that Club La Costa World employs its own in-house staff of sales agents.  This enables the company to monitor its agents closely and exert appropriate quality control.

What’s best about the marketing partnership idea is that it creates a win-win-win for each party involved:

  • The resort partner generates leads and traffic for its properties.
  • The co-operating partner earns good will among its customers.
  • The resort guests benefit from a vacation at an unbeatable price and perhaps, they finally choose to own the leisure property of their dreams.

Note:  A related article on marketing partnerships can be found at:

Have you carried out a marketing and sales program that has performed extremely well for you?  Tell us about it. Reply here. 

Leslie McCann is New Business Development Director of Club La Costa World Resorts & Hotels.  He brings a wealth of ideas and connections developed over a 32-year career with some of the leading European brands in the vacation home and shared ownership industries. 

He was an early pioneer of a diverse range of marketing programs in 1981 for Gulf Leisure Group LSI and Seasons Holidays PLC. Contact him at:

Club La Costa World Resorts & Hotels is a worldwide leisure property developer and resorts manager established in 1984.  It has achieved over £1 billion in sales over the past decade and has sold over 1,200 properties in the UK, Florida, Spain and Turkey since 2009.

The company is now selling Regal Oaks in Orlando, Florida and is exclusive marketing agent for Ramada Resort Kusadasi in Turkey. More info at:

David M. Disick, Esq. helps real estate developers secure financing.  Internationally recognized as a thought leader in the fractional industry, he is the author of Fractional Vacation Homes:  Marketing and Sales in Challenging Times, on order from his siteHe consults in the US and abroad.  Contact him at

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