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10 Tips for Creating a Website That Really Sells—Part 2

Part 1 of this article offered the first three of ten tips for creating a website that serves as a super salesman.

First, it discussed the importance of setting the business goals you want your website to achieve and of measuring your results.  It next set forth the importance of using Google Analytics to understand the performance of your website so that you can improve your results.  Finally, it emphasized the vital role Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays in helping you score high page rankings.

Following are three more tips to maximize profitable response from your website:

4.  Offer solutions to the problems your visitors want to solve. 

Get inside your visitors’ head, and think as they do.   Figure out what vacation problem/s they are trying to solve.  Demonstrate that you understand their problems, and then show how your fractional real estate property provides solutions to their problem/s:

How does owning property at your resort make their holidays more pleasant, hassle-free, enjoyable, convenient, gratifying and stimulating? 

How does owning at your resort make more financial sense than wherever visitors are staying now on their vacations? 

Appeal to your visitors’ emotional “hot-button” buying motivations, their highest aspirations and their deepest, inner-most desires.  Classic motivations include: 

–More time with loved ones

–Care-free, trouble-free vacationing

–A more healthful lifestyle

–Relaxation and personal service

–Enjoyment of the beauty of nature

–Participation in outdoor sports

–Discovery of new and exciting adventures

–Reconnection with family members and revitalization of oneself

–Pride and prestige of ownership

–Admiration/envy of friends and so on. 

A current strong motivator for many people considering fractional real estate ownership is to be “smart” in how they allocate their money.

And please, don’t start off your home page with a call to Buy Now or with your company name, how long you’ve been in business, how large your business is, etc.  Your website is about your visitors’ needs.  Start with the vacation needs of your visitors and with the attractions of your entire area—not just your own property.  Show visitors you can offer solutions to the problems that motivated their internet search.  Then, visitors will want to learn more about your company and will want to engage with you.

5.  Establish your authority and credibility with enticing offers of valuable free information and establish ongoing relationships with site visitors. 

Customers rule in today’s competitive global economy.  This is the age of the soft, “relationship” sale.  Gently woo your site visitors in order to win them over to liking and trusting you before asking them to consider visiting your fractional real estate property. 

Distinguish yourself from your competitors by offering a Free Report or White Paper with questions buyers should ask before purchasing a vacation home.  Or, you could offer information describing the advantages of whole ownership, fractional ownership, timeshares, destination clubs or one of the newer vacation home ownership products that exist outside the United States known as  “investment funds/schemes.” 

Send the info in exchange for a visitor’s name and email address.  This enables you to build a list of opt-in people to whom you may send your newsletter.  Show that you are the “expert” on your resort by emailing with a list of recommended “Top Ten Not-To-Miss Places;” “The 10 Most Fun Activities;” or “Locals’ Favorite Restaurants, Hangouts and Watering Holes” that will entice your site visitors’ to vacation at the resort.

Even if you’re offering something like a monthly newsletter for free, you still have to “promote” it.  Explain in advance what subscribers may expect.  Engage your audience with useful, relevant content.  This helps boost opt-in subscription requests.  Then, deliver what you promise in order to minimize opt-outs from your list.

Sharing valuable free information establishes you as the go-to company that people trust and seek out when they need advice about your market area and fractional vacation home ownership there.  And, you become the company people recommend to friends and family who want to rent or buy at your resort.

Your double opt-in email lists (with a “Send to a Friend” option) compiled from your website responses and sales office “guest book” signatures make up your “golden lists” to whom you send special, incentive-priced, “Try and Buy” vacation package offers.

A series of free, short two- or three- minute video tutorials on your site about, for example, different property ownership types available at the resort can also attract visitors.  Video has proven to increase site visits and response rates significantly.   So, don’t leave “Home” without a relevant, informative and entertaining video on your site. (Simple video cameras and camcorders start at less than two hundred dollars.) 

Upload your videos onto YouTube, which receives high rankings from Google.   Then, download the video onto your site.   Tag it just as you would a written digital blog to enhance its search value.  The author read recently that YouTube searches now outnumber Google searches.  (This seems fairly incredible, but not impossible.)

Videos of happy owners talking for a minute or two about why they enjoy their holidays at your resort are valuable.  These third-party testimonials further build your credibility among prospective fractional real estate owners.

6.  Actively cultivate on-going relationships with your audience wherever they are and however they prefer to be contacted.  

Avoid shipping your expensive, brand-new full-color brochure marketing kit with DVD via overnight mail that arrives the next morning just in time to be tossed into the circular file. How often do people (except perhaps celebs) get married after a first date?

Similarly, it takes a while—and numerous positive contacts—before visitors become sufficiently interested and engaged in your offering to think about more involvement with you resort and schedule a personal visit to your fractional property.  So woo your site visitors gently over time.

Don’t stalk or harangue your audience. After all, imagine if you were accosted on the street by a stranger shouting, “Buy this now!”  How likely would you be to say, “Yes”?  Even on the internet, people are still people.  Few prospects, especially these days, respond well to high pressure sales tactics.

Instead, encourage your audience to engage with you because you provide information on how to solve their vacation problem/s and improve their life and lifestyle.   Be available reliably and frequently, quietly and insistently, offering valuable, relevant content across numerous distribution outlets—through all the major social media and any place you feel your audience hangs out and will likely be attracted to you.

Tailor your messages so they display well on desktop and laptop computers, on the increasingly popular tablet and notebook computers and on mobile smart phones that are exploding in popularity.  Make sure your messages are attractive and legible even on small screens.  Make sure your emails are compatible with the various email systems your subscribers use.  Subject line and text should not exceed 50-60 characters.

In our global marketplace, people connect to the internet wherever they work and play and whenever the spirit moves them—24/7.  Marketers of fractional real estate need to find out, not only who their audience is, but what their personal interests and motivations are, what social media groups attract them, and how and where they prefer to be contacted.  You might consider sending a short survey to your subscribers to learn more about them.  (A useful source of free surveys is:

Come back to visit Parts 3 and 4 of this post and discover four more ways to make your website a powerful profit generator.

Find more profit-making fractional marketing and sales ideas in David’s internationally acclaimed how-to book, Fractional Vacation Homes.  It may be ordered at his new website,


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