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Marketing As Your Customers Like It

Dear readers,

In last week’s post, I reviewed one of Dave Thackeray two new and important books on digital marketing.   This week, I review the second.

But before beginning, I need to make a confession.  (No, it’s not what you think…I really did read each book.)

It’s this:  Around mid-June, Dave Thackeray launched his new website.  I didn’t visit it because I thought it was only for techs (wrong!), hard to understand (wrong!) and not fun (wrong!).

As an admitted tech Outsourcer-in-Chief, I thought it was not for me.  But finding a few spare minutes late one evening, I thought it only fair to the author, (having reviewed two of his books,) to give his website a try.

I was astounded at how attractive, user-friendly, informative and entertaining the site is.

Dave’s website is highly recommended, but not for everyone—only for people who own any piece of equipment that either plugs into a wall or has a wireless connection to somewhere in space.


Marketing As You(r Customers) Like It

Simple strategies for sustainable success

 Dave Thackeray

Dave Thackeray suggests in his new book, Marketing As Your Customers) Like it, that responding to today’s “customergency” requires business owners and marketers to use new technologies and strategies to compete successfully for customer mindshare.

He points out that successful selling in this digital era no longer involves just presenting the Unique Selling Proposition of the product.  Today’s highly informed buyers have the power to select both what they purchase and from whom.  So, you must sell yourself as much as you sell your product or services.  

The businesses most likely to succeed in this customer-dominated market are those who focus on understanding their customers’ needs and cultivating the strongest relationships with them. 

How to do that?

The author, a passionate proponent of podcasting recommends a marketing program that includes:  Podcasting, blogging, newsletters and social media.  Podcasting offers numerous benefits, including these:

  • Podcasts enable you to put a human face on your company and communicate your authentic personality.   This is important for engaging prospective customers, persuading them to do business with you and ultimately for earning their referral business.
  • Podcasts provide a means to deliver special content for customers that adds value to the relationship, encourages their loyalty and sets the company apart from its competitors.
  • Podcasts can make marketing more customer-centric and can help build “customer communities.” Thackeray encourages podcasters to “soak up the genius of others.” He cites a successful broadcast to which he invited clients to participate in a panel where they shared ideas and insights on topics of common interest.  The broadcast resulted in significant audience response. 

Once podcast content has been created, repurposing it to other media and communication platforms is limited only by one’s imagination.  For example:

  • Ideas resulting from broadcast discussions can serve as the basis for a blog post that poses questions soliciting audience engagement. 
  • Newsletters can report highlights of panel discussions and inform customer communities about company activities. 
  • LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can publicize blog posts and special company events.
  • Discussions may continue on Twitter. Company event reminders can also be posted here.

What I found unique and especially interesting in this book is Thackeray’s list of eighteen(!) apps that enhance the capabilities of Twitter. These valuable tricks of the trade demonstrate how the “pros” identify prospective customers and how they form valuable professional networks of news sources and go-to industry experts to help with fact-checking and forming opinions on industry trends.

Finally, Thackeray lays out a clear format for organizing and tracking the repurposing of content over time.

What distinguishes Thackeray from other podcasters is that he doesn’t just “talk the talk.”  He “walks the walk.”  Evidence of this is his new website.

which manages somehow to be immensely entertaining whether you’re interested in podcasting or not.

Marketing As You(r Customers) Like It is an enjoyable read.  It is practical without being overly technical.  (For specific suggestions on equipment and so on, Thackeray refers readers to his website.)

Thackeray’s mission is to convert more business people to podcasting.  Marketing As You(r Customers) Like It provides both the “why’s” and the “how’s” to accomplish this.

For those preferring to outsource some or all their digital marketing program, this book offers an excellent introduction to the services of Dave Thackeray, a consummate professional who is passionate about his work. 

P.S.  Be sure to read to the very end of Marketing As You(r Customers) Like It.  To thank readers for their time, Thackeray makes a highly attractive free offer.  Jump on it now before it goes away!

Treat yourself to hearing and seeing this uniquely informative and entertaining person in action.  You’ll find Dave Thackeray’s enthusiastic voice and sunny personality at his eponymous website

And when you seek digital solutions, contact him.  Dave Thackeray can accomplish just about whatever you need—with consummate professionalism and inimical British wit!

Marketing as you(r customers) like it Kindle version is available at (US/UK) where a Kindle app for computers can also be downloaded free.

Do you have any business, marketing, sales or tech books that you recommend for people involved in fractional ownership or related industries?  Do you have any favorite websites to recommend? Why not submit them to us?  We’ll publish your suggestion/s and your name here to thank you.  If you’d like to write a “blurb” as well, feel free.

David M. Disick, Esq. helps fractional real estate developers secure financing.  He is based in Orlando and serves clients in the United States and abroad.  Contact him at  

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