Press Releases

May 11, 2013 – Fractional Consultant David Disick Wins a Fractional Life 2013 Award; The Company Takes Top Honors for Services to the Industry

David Disick, founder of The Fractional Consultant, a resort real estate advisory firm, wins Fractional Life’s prestigious 2013 Award for Services to the Industry. Judges cite Disick for his pioneering development, Franz Klammer Lodge; advocating fractional ownership of resort real estate; opening the Russian market to fractional ownership of resort vacation homes; and seeking additional sources of bank financing for the industry – Disick predicts newly rich Russians will consider fractional ownership the smart new way to own a leisure home used only part-time.  Read full release

July 25, 2011 – The Fractional Consultant Launches New Website; Company Helps Fractional Real Estate Developers Secure Financing

While real estate developers currently moan about limited or unavailable financing, David M. Disick, Esq., President of The Fractional Consultant, sings a different tune. His company’s mission is helping fractional real estate developers  secure equity and consumer financing for their vacation home projects. Read full release

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